Why outsource services for Bol?

Bol.com is the leading online marketplace in the Netherlands, and the vast majority of its inventory is made up of products provided by third-party sellers. Some benefits of selling on Bol include:

  • Sellers can significantly increase their online sales by partnering with Bol
  • With 11 million unique visitors, sellers can increase their online reach
  • Bol.com’s well-known reputation draws attention to sellers’ brands and products 
  • Sellers can process their logistics via bol.com

Outsourcing Bol.com advertising

Advertising on Bol.com remains the most efficient way to generate immediate visibility for your products. With the right advertising strategy, you can immediately find your brand in the top search results. At AMZ Consultancy we always strive for profitable advertising, and this requires a calculated approach that’s specific to your product.

Are you already working with Bol advertisements but you’re not achieving the desired results? Or are you simply not satisfied with your current marketing partner? AMZ Consultancy has a proven track record and years of experience, so contact us to discuss how we can increase your advertising return.

Outsourcing Bol.com marketing

Combining advertisements with a long-term organic strategy will provide maximum growth. Organic reach on Bol is achieved through excellent content and an effective SEO strategy. Sellers should first optimize titles, descriptions and product photos. Then, as you build a strong product with good reviews and few returns, you will automatically appear at the top of your desired search terms.

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Bol specialists – AMZ Consultancy

AMZ’s dedicated specialists work every day to optimize our customers’ online sales down to the last detail. As our marketplace experts are familiar with all aspects of Bol, we can build your account for optimal performance. AMZ Consultancy is your partner for a comprehensive approach, ranging from setting up and fine-tuning to full account management. We ensure that you are making the most out of what Bol has to offer.

Bol services from AMZ Consultancy

Our umbrella services include:

1. Full-Service Account Management

We manage and build your product/brand from A to Z on Bol.com. Alternatively, you can choose to outsource a specific part, such as the account setup, logistics points or realizing the Buy Box position.

2. Advertising on Bol.com and Amazon

Setting up and optimizing advertising campaigns with high returns is not something that every agency can promise. Fortunately, with our 7+ years of experience, we have a watertight strategy that offers the desired outcome for most parties. Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness or ROAS, we will create the best approach for your company.

3. Content & SEO for Marketplaces

From writing product listings to keyword research and optimization to perfecting product content, we can handle every aspect for your product. With our international team and the latest AI tools, we offer a complete package.

4. Consultancy & Training

Are you already active on Bol.com but would like to learn more about what the platform offers and how to benefit from it? We are happy to do an evaluation with you and formulate a plan that fits your needs and increases profitability. We are also available to provide feedback and address specific issues.

Curious about how to reach your maximum potential on Bol.com? You can contact us without obligation and schedule a free quick scan.